Things to Think About in Preparation
* Never get your haircut any sooner than two weeks prior to your session, what if you don't like it?  Also this                 
time frame allows for your hair to "fill in" and not have the just-cut look.  If you want something different for your hair in
your session you can change your hairstyle during the session.  It should be something simple, fast and easy  
Remember hair does what hair does.  If you have curly hair and straighten it, or straight hair and curl it, odds are that
unless we have one of the 3 perfect days a year that we get,  that your hair will go back to the way it was designed
when your were born.

* If your color your hair, make sure that your redo your roots before your session date.  Roots really take                     
away from the picture.

* If your wear glasses, you will want to wear then during your session since most people are used to seeing                  
you in them.  You will need to either get the lenses removed or borrow a pair of comparable frame without lenses from
your optometrist.  
Lens glare is almost impossible to avoid and will not be removed after the pictures are taken.

* Don't try to get a tan right before your session.  
If your overdo it in the sun it is almost impossible to fix a                    
peeling nose, sunburn or tan lines in your pictures.  It is better to have only a slight tan than too much of one.  Skin
tone can be adjusted some in the printing process..
* If you see something in a magazine or even on our web site that you especially like, bring it in.  Maybe we                  
can use these ideas in your session.

* What if you get a huge zit the day before your session?  Don't panic! If there is something that you
can't                        cover up remember that all blemishes and dark under-eye circles are removed from all final
Nails, hands and feet, should be freshly groomed.  Barefoot poses are fun, and sometimes necessary due to today's
shoe styles.
* To give your teeth some extra whitening before your session try Crest White Strips.  It only takes a couple
of                 applications to get your teeth looking brighter,  though the box recommends two weeks


Shimmery eyeshadow should be avoided.  It is bright in pictures and makes your eyelids the focus of
the                        pictures instead of you.
* If you are going to be wearing a tank top or summer dress,
you must bring a strapless bra.  We cannot
hide                  showing bra straps and you obviously do not want then in your pictures.

* Wear your makeup the way you normally would.  If you need more once you get here you can always add                 
more, but it is hard to take off if you have too much.  So make sure you bring your makeup just in case.

Choose clothes that are flattering to your body type.  Much of today's clothing shows a lot of
skin,                                  especially in the waist and hips.  These styles look great, on a thin body, but if you have
extra                             weight in this area it is only going to make you look heavier, and you will greatly limit the
posing                     possibilities.


* Make sure you shave right before the session
* If wearing a suit only for a yearbook picture, you will not need good pants and shoes.  674-6740  
205 Lincoln Way W.  Osceola, IN 46561