Young Children and Babies
Life/Style Photography will photograph
your child  starting with  Expectant mothers
through their  early years.  We have
several programs we offer.
Please contact studio for details.

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Baby Images,  Have your child
photographed at about 3 months
for something unique and special.

These panels are available in two sizes    
1. A 20 X 20 double mat and frame
2. A 16 X 16 single mat and frame

Both are available in White or Black
with the Black and White prints or in
Pink or Blue with the color prints.  We
recommend the Black and White

This can be done several different
ways,  some parents choose to do the
body parts and some choose different
angles of the face or a combination of
the two.
Do you want to hear a secret!
Free Newborn portraits 1-15 days